Conflict Counseling

We offer you two ways of conflict counseling:

  1. we give you a general counseling on the nature of conflicts and ways to resolve them.
  2. Conflict counseling supposing that the opposing side refuses to mediation

1- General conflict counseling is suitable for individuals, a group of people or mangement. The aim of the consultation is to provide you with information and guidance on the following questions: What is it that burdens us / me? What do I need or do we need? Which method suits our situation best?

Mediation is not always suitable. Legal advice or a certain direction of therapy, communication training or a combination of different approaches is often more helpful. We inform you about the nature of conflicts and support you in making a decision for a further step. We have a wide range of cooperative network at our disposal.

2- Are you involved in a conflict looking for a constructive solution? The opposing side is blocking, is closing its mind to the conflict, not prepared to talk we also offer conflict advice. The goals of such counseling are:

  • To develop a clear inner attitude towards your counterpart and the conflict and, based on this,
  • to work out a list of options for action.

This “mediative conflict advice” should not be mixed up with legal advice. The fundamenatl principles of a mediation remain unchanged. Keeping this neutal position fully preserves the possibility of later mediation. So don’t wait until the dispute escalates and contact us for an information meeting!