About us

Our Idea of man

Our philosophy is shaped by the humanistic approach, that of non-violent communication, and that of personal emancipation. We believe that every mediation – every attempt to resolve a conflict constructively – helps to take a step further for you and thus for society – you indicate the direction.

Our experience

Our work is based primarily on our practical experience in mediation and constant reflection on it in supervision and intervision groups. We complement our knowledge and skills from a wide variety of work and educational areas at home and abroad. We both have looked at life from a variety of perspectives. Our strength is our differences in profession, origin, age and gender.

We use our knowledge, e.g. from project management, teaching activities, systems and action theory approaches from sociology, improvisational theater, meditation and neuroscientific knowledge, educational and psychiatric work, and our own experience as an employer and employee, as well as life partner, daughter, son or parent .

Advanced training

Again and again, new challenges emerge in mediation, which prompt us to continue our training. We try out new methods with other mediator colleagues and develop our own concepts based on everyday practice.

In practice

In concrete terms, this means that we can creatively deal with blockages – we use storytelling, various visualization techniques, relaxation techniques from meditation and methods that encourage a change of perspective. The use of the methods always depends on what you are comfortable with.

Our teachers

Finally, we would like to name and recommend some of the many people who shape our work:

Some improvisation artists from music and theater, wisdom and stories from different cultures, and last but not least the spirit of meditation!