We can help you if: –

  • you want to improve your relationship and communication as a couple
  • you need support in the separation process
  • as separated parents you need waorkable communication

Concerning these aspects we offer you various services: In mediation you are in an acute conflict that has escalated and threatens your partnership. In the case of separation mediation, solutions can be found to come to an amicable agreement, ending a partnership fair. In the case of mutual parenting, new manners and solutions are developed that are workable beyond the point of separation! This kind of mediation is always carried out by us in pairs. The type and scope depends on your needs.

We understand conflict counseling for couples as follows: You will receive a basic introduction to the dynamics of conflicts and the theory of mediation from us. Conflict training is intended for couples who generally have a positive attitude towards conflicts and see them as an opportunity to deepen their relationship. This is about communication training based on the principles of eye level and fairness.