Preparing for the first session

Have you decided on mediation with us and don’t want to be unprepared? In this case, we have listed a few questions below. Answering them will prepare you internally for the process of constructive conflict resolution.


Which target?

Before the first session, ask yourself which goal is worth striving for. Try to think in advance about which goal could be important for your counterpart. What common goal could you have?

Which topics?

In order to achieve this goal, which topics would have to be discussed (from your point of view)?

Constructive questions

  • What has been good about your relationship so far?
  • What things have gone well so far?
  • What qualities do you value on the other side?


Time Management

We try to start and finish the meetings on time. In exceptional cases, however, it happens that the process intensifies again towards the end of a session and it would not be advisable to end it on time. We generally have a time buffer for these cases. In individual cases, we will clarify with you whether the agreed time will be exceeded. We will charge you the additional costs every quarter of an hour.