Corona dialogue

Overcome trenches

The corona crisis not only exposes fears, but challenges us all in a way that we did not know before.

In addition to the many practical challenges of daily life, many find communication among each other disturbing and exhausting. The climate in families, among friends or at work is often very tense. The assessment of the situation and the appropriate strategy for dealing with the phenomenon are controversial.

The Internet is full of “fake facts” and the public media (the “mainstream”) often report only one-sided. That gives space for extreme positions and theories in all directions and a lot of misunderstanding, devaluation and distrust. Most of the heated debates are characterized by speaking and arguing instead of listening and wanting to understand.

In mediation we take the position that behind every position, no matter how extreme, there is a need that everyone shares.

Communication becomes constructive (and thus also “connecting”) when the participants first recognize the fears and needs of their counterparts.

(“I understand that you are worried about your health!” / “I understand that you are worried about your job!” / “I understand that you are scared of the restrictions on our fundamental rights.” / etc.)

For particularly hardened cases, we offer a special conversation technique that helps to bring listening and understanding to the fore without having to agree. Further “rules of the game” or basic assumptions for constructive communication could be:

  • We refrain from trying to convince the other side.
  • We refrain from wanting to change the other side.

We are happy to support you in finding a way for yourself that conserves your resources, regulates clear agreements in handling and is based on mutual benevolence. We are convinced that dialogue, especially in these times, is the only, albeit challenging, path to deeper understanding. Let us use this crisis as an opportunity!