Multilingual mediation

The bridge to better understanding

Multiple cultures, two languages. They are in a relationship – as a couple, parents, grandparents or in-laws, work colleagues, friends. You need a strong bridge between different worlds, because there is twice as much potential for misunderstandings and conflicts.

One feels limited in his freedom, the other feels left alone. The risk of explosion is high. And now you want a stranger to interfere as well? In multilingual mediation, we jointly build a bridge to greater understanding and openness.

In longer stays abroad or in relationships with people from different cultures, we have dealt intensively with a variety of value systems and can provide you with competent assistance.

We speak fluent English, Spanish and French. For mediations in other languages ​​(e.g. Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian etc.) you are welcome to contact us. We cooperate with other mediators and interpreters and are happy to help you. As part of our voluntary refugee work, we offer free consultations. Social organizations and communities are also welcome to contact us.