Is Mediation right for me?

Step by Step

Mediation is an excellent form of dispute resolution and can be used in most conflict situations. If you want to maintain a relationship with someone else, or if you think your life would be a lot better if the argument were resolved, or if you think confidentiality is important to you, mediation is the right choice ! A mediator can turn a conflict into a manageable process in which problems can be discussed and resolved in a calm environment. This can still take place even if you are already represented by a lawyer.

Mediation may be right for you if any of the following apply to you.

  • When the emotions between the two parties are so strong that they block an agreement.
  • When too many problems complicate the settlement process.
  • When the quantity and/or quality of communication between both parties is so poor that it requires a safe pair of hands to handle negotiations in a skilled way.
  • When the mistrust between the parties prevents a solution.
  • When destructive (communication) habits prevent a solution.
  • When there is a perception that each parties’ interests are incompatible.
  • When there is currently no progress for negotiations and things have stalled.
  • When it seems hopeless …