Constructive debate

There are often many points of friction in organizations, private schools or clubs: there are teachers and students, board members and members, parents and volunteers. Different expectations, interests and generations collide – often unspoken. It is worth investing the time to establish a sustainable culture of argument.

Constructive discussions are important to keep organizations alive and capable of learning. In order to avoid standstill, frustration and declining commitment, and thus to save resources. For a culture of debate in schools, we have established a sustainable 3-pillar concept that can be transfered to other organizations and their structural characteristics.

The following pillars are supporting:

  • To train a team in order to become conflict experts who are responsible for active and constructive conflict resolution in the organization. (e.g. students, (voluntary) members, parents)
  • To train a team of conflict coaches who can accompany and supervise the concept long term. (e.g. managers, teachers)
  • To establish mediation as an independent and permanent element in your company. (Structural level) In our work we combine approaches from mediation, non-violent communication, systemic organizational consulting and peer mediation from the USA.

Another possibility is that we accompany you in difficult conversations or carry out targeted day workshops and training courses for your organization. Contact us if you have any questions about conflicts and conflict competence in schools, children’s and youth institutions, other social institutions and organizations. We can help you. If you are interested in a constructive culture of debate in your company, you can find out more here.